Let's Make a Game Together

May 21, 2020

We are happy to share the whole video of Games.js Bulgaria's second event! Great job guys! A leading factor in their events is always the desire to share knowledge and skills.

Last week Games.js organized a live online workshop for over 200 viewers.  In 3 hours, one of games.js members developed parts of the famous Sven Bømwøllen game, going through the setting up of the game, sprite animations, isometric map, etc.

The video of the online workshop has already reached 800+ views, with a very positive feedback to the organizers.

Games.js Bulgaria assured us they are considering a requested by the audience online event called Sven2, and many new and interesting workshops, plus a number of offline videos to share useful practices in the world of game development.


Let's make Sven together 🐑.
Games.js Bulgaria reaches us with another awesome event 😍.

Let's lighten the mood with something which (sadly) we all remember growing up. Sven! Yep, that Sven 🐑. The one with the sheep. We're all pretty much stuck at home and might as well share that it's really easy to do and with technologies you probably already know. We will go trough things like Setting up a game, Sprite animations, Sounds and more.

Tickets are free and you code at your own place and however long you want.
See you there! 🐱‍👤

Join the workshop here:

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