Our Big Fat Greek Team Building: Vol. 2

May 28, 2018

Team buildings are not what they once used to be.

In May, just like last year, we took a few days off to hop on a bus and visit Greece – the land of Gods. Breathtaking landscapes, crystal-clear water, sandy beaches and delicious seafood. Sounds a lot like the very much needed vacation for our team of dope diggers. Although we had plenty of group events and interactive games, we managed to catch some sunlight and came back home with a sun-kissed tan.

The vacation started right after we filled the bus. Plenty of music, fun games and mostly – shared experiences managed to upkeep the good mood. The second we put our feed on the hot Greek sand, the real fun began.

GoTeam and Beat the Box: two brilliant group activities we included, showcased many hidden talents in our people. Songs, poetry and physical activities were followed by dazzling logic synchronicity and truly wonderful experience for all of us. As a team. Because isn’t logic and creativity what make the process exciting to experience after all?    
It wouldn’t be a real trip to Greece if we didn’t spend some time on the beach, relaxing.

Like most awesome things, our team building, too, came to an end. We are now back in Sofia, fully-recharged and ready for more challenges to prove ourselves that united, we can conquer higher peaks than before!

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