Our Big Fat Greek Teambuilding

June 19, 2017

For 3 hot days in May we left our office in Sofia to take a journey to our sunny neighbour- Greece! Little did we know that what started as a regular team building would turn into a truly wild adventure! So, there we were, packed with beer and cheer, ready for an amazing weekend!

After some fun bus time, we arrived at the beautiful Cassandra peninsula, just in time for a pink sunset and a wonderful dinner. The evening continued with lots of drinks and fun in the lobbies of the hotel and at the beach bar. The real fun, however, began the next morning, when we were all summoned at the beach by our team building organizers, where we were divided into 4 teams and given team flags and t-shirts. Each team had to decorate their flag and come up with a team name and once we were all set, the games began!

We had to overcome a few challenges, which involved archery, wooden tower construction using ropes only and others. The best challenge however, was when we build our own boat out of tires and floated 20 people on it!

After the games, we were tired, but still up for parties! We continued having fun by the pool of our wonderful hotel, overly excited and fulfilled with positive vibes from the sun, sea and awesome time at the beach!

Unfortunately, the 3 days passed faster than we realized and before we knew it, we were back on the bus to Sofia, super excited and recharged. It was Monday again, but this Monday was different, now we were extra motivated to rock our industry, the way we rocked the mighty Greek beach!

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