Stop apologizing for your lack of experience! Join BOOST!

June 24, 2020

All of the “entry-level job” positions require at least a few years of experience and they always ask you for a superstar portfolio in the interviews. Annoying, right? 

Although at Dopamine, we’ve always been looking for the top-performing professionals, we also realize that no one is born knowing and over-qualified. So, we decided to give all talented but inexperienced programmers/designers/QAs the opportunity to join us and learn the best industry practices, tips and all the fun tricks. 

BOOST is Dopamine’s hands-on training program, made for everyone who has little experience but a strong willingness to learn and develop their skills and become a master of their craft. The BOOST-ers will have the opportunity to work full-time, get paid and work with the hottest cutting-edge technologies! 

“‘Thank you #BOOST for the great learning experience. I will never forget what this training gave me.” - Hristо, JavaScript Developer

🚀 How to become a BOOST-er? 

We’re always hunting for the brightest candidates who are super motivated and always ready to learn. Regularly check the web page of the program where we publish the open positions for JavaScript Developers, Game Animators and QAs. If there’s a job slot which suits your experience - fill in the application and we’ll be more than happy to review it. What we’re really looking for is your drive to learn - share more about working on some side projects, taking online courses or even exploring a software on your own. 

👨‍💻 You are in. Now what? 

To warm up, we give our BOOST-ers a few entry tasks they should complete. Nothing scary, we promise! Then you’ll be given some exciting (but challenging) projects that will help you enhance your skills. Each project has a deadline and an increasing difficulty level. But no worries - you’ll be assigned to a Maintainer who will guide you throughout the program, review your work and give you lots of helpful feedback. Don’t be scared to share your opinion and fresh ideas, as well! 

“For a layman like me, BOOST was a serious catapult - from learning the basic principles of animation, to working with the software itself and applying it all in the working process. The tasks I was given combined both a technical and a creative part, which made the transition from training to doing actual work super smooth” - Kaloyan, Game Animator 

🎓 After BOOST

In only 6 months you’ll be able to see a massive improvement in your abilities and potential. We will do our best to turn you into a powerful coding guru whilst boosting your creativity above and beyond! 

“To me this training program was very exciting and most importantly - a challenging one. During the last few months I’ve learned a lot about programming and have developed my analytical thinking significantly. I believe that in order for you to become a true code master you need: good mentors, lots of practice, experiencing problems, as well as solving them. BOOST gave me exactly this - many interesting projects, enough time and guidance for completing them, and at the same time: a chill atmosphere, full of cool people. I recommend the program to anyone who wants to gain professional experience in this sphere.” - Kristian, JavaScript Developer 

After a successful completion of the program, we’ll decide together the best way you can fit into any of our production teams. By this point, you’ll have gained enough experience to work on some real projects and become a true DopeDigger!

 🎲 Dope, isn’t it?

→ Check out our open positions and apply for BOOST here. 

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