The People Behind The Games 🕹️ Game Designers & Graphic Designers - Vol.1

January 7, 2021

Millions of people around the world play Dopamine's games without realizing how much talent is involved in creating a game from its initial concept through to the final stages. So, what does it actually take to build a game from scratch? 

One thing is sure - what we do at Dopamine is not just building software, but creating high quality products which revolutionize the industry. Our mathematicians, graphic designers, software developers, sound engineers, QAs, and secret magicians are entirely dedicated to continuously improving the player experience. We call it the science of fun! 🧪

In the following weeks we’re going to share articles about the stages of game development at Dopamine. Follow us on this unique journey and find out more about the teams responsible for the character & background development, animation, sound design, gameplay and delivery. 

So...Let’s take off! 🚀

We start off our journey with the Game Designers - the creative driver responsible for bringing the game to life. They come up with the initial vision for a game by creating core concepts, themes and creative gamification techniques to increase the anticipation and excitement of the player. Once they’re done with the conceptual stage and it is approved, the game is handed over to the graphic designers.

A great Graphic Design is a key component for our games since it makes them more pleasurable to play and often helps them focus on the gameplay. The graphic designers have to come up with ideas how to visualize the mechanics in an appropriate, attractive way; to make it stand out and reinforce the mechanics. Which is why they don’t simply create works of art but should also be psychologists: they need to see things that other people just accept (such as annoying colors, angles, frames, etc.) For this challenging task our designers should let their creative juices flow freely and at the same time make sure that their art meets the requirements from the concept and prototype. 

“As designers, we depend on our inspiration in order to be creative and good at what we do. Therefore, it's important to know ourselves - what inspires us, what distracts us and understand where to look for our muse. It could be scrolling through Pinterest, Artstation or random colors schemes we see on the sidewalk - it's important to keep our knowledge and creativity alive! However, a positive and peaceful atmosphere, being surrounded by great teammates is what truly allows a designer to set his/her imagination free. " - Aneta, Graphic Designer

Also, one simply cannot imagine a graphic design team without technical artists in it. They are Dopamine’s exceptional hybrids between artists and technical programmers. Technical artists are the people who mainly help with corrections and edits required for animations. They also build custom tools for the graphic designers, export assets, animate and develop an easy workflow between artists and developers.

“To do this job, a person also needs to be super organized and a great team player since making a game involves a lot of interdependent work. Sometimes many people are editing the game at the same time. But don't let this freak you out! It's all learnable after all. 😊 "- Vessy, Graphic Design Team Lead

At Dopamine, we always strive to adopt new technology and incorporate it in our projects. In order to include more interesting and realistic elements in our games, the Graphic Design team works closely with the 3D team

As characters are an effective way to convey the core thematic and emotion of a game, our 3D designers make sure that they enhance them in the best way possible. They use the latest software versions and plugins, such as 3DS Max, VRay and Phoenix FD, to add extra value and quality to the games. Whether it’s a 3D Santa Claus, Gonzo or a 2.5D character like Zeus - they make sure it’s realistic, entertaining and impressive. Smoke, liquid, particles… You name it and our 3D team will turn it into a stunning imagery which makes the whole experience visually pleasing and entertaining for the players.

Stay tuned for our next step of this game development process journey. In the following article, we’re getting a little geeky… 😊

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