The People Behind The Games 🕹️ Game Verification - Vol.4

February 11, 2021

Imagine this: you’ve found a beautifully crafted slot game with vivid graphics, funky features, and immersive sound. You couldn’t be more excited to just play for a while and have some fun, try something new, or just kill time. All you have to do is press play, and… 

*Record screech*
Yeah, it would’ve been great if there wasn’t this super annoying glitch on your screen or an awkward sound... 

At Dopamine, we definitely can’t allow this to happen to millions of players. We would lie if we say that the road to the success of our games isn’t bumpy sometimes. However, for our final products, we aren’t satisfied with anything else but flawless gameplay. In order to ensure that players get a quality game that works as intended - we need the professional opinion of External consultants and the impeccable skills of our Quality Assurance team. 


When it comes to Dopamine’s game quality, we could be kind of control freaks. We rely on External consultants to review the game and confirm that our teams have created the expected game feel and exciting features. Their first impression of the product is always precious to us since they haven’t already seen the game a million times and can give a fresh and honest opinion about how playing it makes them feel. Experts and trusted affiliates usually provide suggestions on how to improve certain parts of the game, upgrade it, and basically ensure it’s amazing in every aspect. 


After getting external advice and comments, sometimes we need to make a few further game changes and make sure that we did the best job possible internally. Luckily, we can always rely on our Quality Assurance (QA) team to root out anything that doesn’t work by playing and testing the games in the most unconventional ways. 

The QA team tests the stability and compatibility of the Front-End of the game, as well as UX issues - such as performance issues, visual defects, misleading texts, etc. They test each game manually and check every bit of it thoroughly with the help of automated test cases using Cypress. In fact, the automatization saves them days of testing - instead of spending a hell lot of time doing generic tests, Cypress takes care of all this waiting business for them.  

Quite often our QA specialists have to report issues of projects that are already live and upload the new versions daily. 

"Many outside people think that being a QA specialist means playing games all day until something breaks. Actually, breaking the game is where the job starts... Our team works with the latest testing software and incorporates the manual with the automation testing in order to deliver excellent results.
To be the best QA out there you must have great attention to detail, think outside the box, be able to put yourself in the shoes of the game players, and don't hesitate to tell the people you are working with that they made a mistake." - Radoslav, QA Specialist

After the QA team confirms that we have fixed every issue reported by them and that there aren't any concerns blocking the release of the game to the public - we’re finally ready to get our game certified! 📜

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