The People Behind The Games 🕹️ The Math Team- Vol.2

January 15, 2021

Last week we shared with you what the first steps of the game development process at Dopamine are. A-a-nd now we make a  sharp turn from the artsy world to the world of...Mathematics! Some good news for our math geeks: math is everything when it comes to games! Without mathematics games simply wouldn’t work - characters wouldn’t be able to jump, fight, shoot with their lightning bolt or basically do anything. Which is why our Math team is so essential for the production of a game - they lay the foundation itself!

“I like playing and messing with the numbers until they turn into a...feeling. If this makes any sense. 😄 We do simulations which help us find out more or less how the game would feel to the players. Then we play the game (many, many times!) in order to check how far we are from what we want to achieve. We see what needs to be adjusted and then - do new simulations again. It’s basically a constant cycle of numbers, combinations, trials & errors and math’s magic." - Nikola, Math Team

Our dearest mathematicians are partially involved in every stage of the game development process - from setting the right specifications to the release of the product. They’re also always there for the developers and animators in case they need to adjust or completely change the numbers in a game. These geeky geniuses are configuring the math in the background and running simulations and calculations to make sure the game is in accordance with the requirements from 3rd parties like certification houses, regulators, etc.

Got dizzy by just talking about so much math? Wait until the fascinating mixture of code ➕ animation ➕ sound which awaits you in the next article from the series and will leave you breathless!

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