Tips on becoming a DopeDigger

March 22, 2021

Since day 1 Dopamine’s team has been full of a great variety of personalities with quite different backgrounds. Some of us are musicians who are also part of rock bands, others have rich art portfolios and have created animated comedy shows. Many of our teammates escaped from the strictly corporate world to work on creative projects and have their own significant contributions to them.
So, it’s always funny when our candidates say “I am a programmer and want to make games but I don’t know how to draw.” In fact, becoming one of our DopeDiggers is not that hard. Here’s some advice:

1. Choose your path 🗺️

It’s simple - just pick what you love doing and specialize in it. Choose what step of the game development process you want to be a part of and turn it into your profession. There are various positions within our teams - you can be in Art, Game Design, Animation, Programming, Sound, or more business-oriented, such as Game Delivery Management and Technical Account Management.

2. Never stop learning 💡

Our DopeDiggers are the best at what they do because they are always eager to learn. Do you want to be the ideal JavaScript candidate? Or the artist with the most impressive portfolio?

Take some courses, watch some videos or read a book on the subject. We post the tools we use in our practice so we would suggest picking them up as your hobby. For instance, learn more about Pixi.JS and Spine 2D. The point is: always improve yourself and your skills.

3. Show us what you can do ✔️

Don’t just mention that you have great programming or Photoshop skills - share with us your Portfolio or Github profile and WOW us! Do you have an example of great achievement in previous projects? You’ve been through a difficult situation that helped you grow professionally? Please do share.  

And remember: sometimes a strong portfolio is better than simply sending a CV (especially for the art roles). 

4. Get to know us 🔎

It always makes us happy to know that there are candidates who are curious about Dopamine instead of blindly applying for a position. Learn as much as you can about us - what we do, what we post online, what we believe in. And, of course - check out our games!

5. Get in touch 🤙

Personalize your application and don’t let it be “just another application” in our mailbox. Make it stand out - share what you really like about game development and why you want to be one of us. Speak to our recruiters - they are always happy to help and give you personalized feedback. We are always on the lookout for like-minded people to join our team so even if there isn’t an open position for you - drop us a line.

We are currently over 160 unique individuals working at Dopamine and we all have very different roles and responsibilities. If you feel like you might belong to our diverse team, there are some open positions that might interest you. Check them out here

We can’t wait to meet you and learn more about you! 

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