Welcome back to our improved, post-pandemic office!

June 17, 2020

During the past 3 months the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact rapidly evolved worldwide, challenging businesses, communities and their normal practices. At Dopamine, we believe that it was yet another challenge which only taught all of us to be more adaptable, reexamine some existing processes and become stronger. 

The health, safety and wellbeing of our employees has always been our top priority - especially during and post the Coronavirus outbreak. Right after the announcement of the pandemic situation in Bulgaria, Dopamine responded quickly and allowed our teams to work from their homes. The past few months have proven that we can definitely make it work and are still on top of our game! 😜 

Fortunately, with the number of confirmed cases going down we can finally go back to normal...and to our office! While some of our employees started gradually coming back, it was just yesterday (16.06) that we got all together. And, trust us, the hype was real! 

However, we managed to handle our excitement from seeing each other again and kept a safe distance (only elbow bumps, no hugs or even handshaking!). It turned out that the office we left isn’t the office we expected to return to. It’s better! We got some new sanitizer dispensers, employed leading air purification technologies in each room and thorough disinfection being performed regularly. Since it shouldn’t get too crowded around here, our folks are now using some of the cool conference rooms and even the game room as their office spaces! 

So we can make everyone at Dopamine feel even happier and more appreciated, we also came up with a new initiative - Dope Box. There’re a few mystery boxes hidden in random places around our improved, post-pandemic office and while some of them may contain small and funny gifts, others contain muuuch bigger ones. One thing is for sure - they’re all meant to be found by our awesome DopeDiggers!  🐱‍👤 

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